Very exciting to see people picking up great perks like being a beta tester while helping fund completion of our game to help kids with ADHD. Wonder if anyone will want to name a character? Where else can you get an iPhone case with our Speed Demon Rockie?

Here's our video so you can learn more about what we do and why we're doing it.

Starting tomorrow, we'll begin our first campaign game. Learn more here or on our Facebook Page (

In our community we believe in fun and games. Why not play? Click here to get perks now!
We expect the Indiegogo campaign link to go live late today (EST) or Monday. We are working as fast as possible to resolve the delay and will post here as soon as the delay is resolved and the link is live. We deeply regret this delay. Thank you all for your patience and we hope you will still support us as soon as our link is live.
Due to technical difficulties our Indiegogo campaign launch is delayed by a couple of hours. We plan to go soon. We will post here as soon as we go live. Thank you for your patience.
Women found only 3% of tech companies. Prominent women in tech are so rare googling articles yields titles like "5 Women Who are Saving Tech" when they reel off leading luminaries.

AdapTac is bucking this trend with a woman CEO with both degrees and on the job skill in biotech as well as on the job training in tech.

Where do you stand? Are you a trend-breaker? Support AdapTac this Friday Feb 28 and help us smash down barriers.

Our community campaign launches this Friday on Indiegogo. We can build a game to help kids with ADHD. Read about our campaign on Yahoo Finance. Spread the word about our community. Join us Friday. The link will be posted here and on our Facebook page for the Friday morning launch EST. (Remember, clicking the link before Friday will give an error message. The link goes live on Friday.)

Join our community and get your perks February 28. Check here or our Facebook Page ( for the link. Spread the word. It's going to be awesome! Get stoked!
We are honored to be finalists to win an Entrepreneur Innovation Award grant from CTNext. These competitive grants are given to the most promising startups in the state of Connecticut to fund projects that can substantially advance the business. We are thrilled to have this recognition of our game as an exciting new educational tech product.
I am honored to be chosen as an Entrepreneur Women of Innovation Finalist by the CT Tech Council. Throughout my career, I've worked hard to support women in science and technology. This has been a driving factor in AdapTac's collaboration with Mount Holyoke College Department of Computer Science. Mount Holyoke, founded in 1837, is a strong an vibrant community of high achieving women.

AdapTac strongly believes our culture of supporting women in science and technology is a unique strength and we will continue to look for opportunities to promote women in technology as we grow.

 Click here to  link to announcement for WOI finalists: