What do you think the best apps for kids with ADHD or disabilities are? Here are 6 fantastic sites selected by Dr. Hughes. Great places to explore. Get links and read post on Shared Abilities http://bit.ly/1iMWUwe

Curious about social enterprise or B-corps? Dr. Hughes gives an overview on these topics on Forbes and discusses AdapTac's journey as our startup considers these issues. Dr. Hughes also discusses AdapTac's mission to help society by providing safe, family-tested educational games for kids with behavioral health concerns.

As part of our mission, we obtained a State of Connecticut grant to test our first game. You can participate in our test. Sign up on our home page and get a free game as part of the test.

AdapTac is committed to showing that even an early-stage, pre-revenue startup like our company can make a positive impact on society.

Read Dr. Hughes' Forbes article "Social Entrepreneurship: Is it Right for Your Company?"

The exciting part is that interest in getting hold of a free copy of our game is strong. More people want the free game than we have spaces. We are excited about helping out so many of you who want to improve your teen's attention and planning skills.

To get your free game, you need to submit your sign up form today. (Because Apple limits the number of testers we can have, we can't give you all free games even though we'd love to!) We also want to do the right thing and protect you and your child's privacy. So we only include your teen in the test (with free game) once you've given us permission.

It's easy! You have 3 options to submit your form (form is 10 yes/no questions):
1) Fill out the interactive form (on home page) and e-mail it to us. contactus at adaptacgames.com OR
2) Print the interactive form, fill out, scan and e-mail to us.
3) Print the interactive form
, fill out, and mail to our PO Box via US Post (address on form)

PS: If you like being the first to try new technology, you've come to the right place. No one else has our game. You can't buy it anywhere right now. Nor is there any similar game available. When we do make the game available some months from now, it will not be free.

Wondering if you can safely help your child improve attention and planning without breaking the bank and without having to drive anywhere? Sign your teen up as a game tester and you receive a free copy of our innovative game. The test involves no travel, minimal time, and your child will learning attention and planning skills by participating in the test.

Average teens can participate too! Your child doesn't have to have ADHD to participate in the test. Since the game may improve attention and planning in average teens, they can also participate in our test. The test is supported by a grant from the State of Connecticut.

You can sign up on our home page or through selected behavioral health providers who have been authorized to offer our game. Tester spots are limited and given on a first come basis. Once all place have been filled, additional names will be taken for a waiting list.

To be a tester, the one page sign up form with parental signature must be completed and submitted to AdapTac Games. Your space will not be held until the sign up form has been received.

Spaces are going quickly so sign up today! http://adaptacgames.com and click the button that says "Sign up to be a testor".