You want the best for your child. By choosing ADHD Skills Booster you can feel confident you are getting the best! ADHD Skills Booster won a 2015 Family Choice Award for the best child and parenting products. We proudly wear our Family Choice seal of approval.

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Philadelphia, PA: May 12, 2015

The Milken-Penn GSE competition awards innovative startups that have game-changing products and services to help in education of kids and young adults or beyond.

AdapTac received a venture award for its innovative mobile app (for iPad) to help kids with ADHD improve attention and planning skills. 

The Milken-Penn competition is organized and run by University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education in collaboration with the Milken Family Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on education and public health. 

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You have choices when deciding what ADHD tools to purchase for your child. Why not choose one from an award-winning company?

You may have noticed AdapTac's home page is proudly wearing a new award badge. We were chosen as one of 5 finalists for game changing innovations in education in the University of Pennsylvania's Milken-Penn GSE Education competition. 

AdapTac is greatly honored to be chosen as innovator in education in this competition sponsored by leading organizations including: the Milken Family Foundation, ACT, American Public University System, Educational Services of America, K12 Inc., McGraw-Hill Education, Microsoft, TSL Education, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

You have told us we are your number one choice of social enterprise. We are truly honored to have received this award because you are telling us how much you believe in AdapTac and in our mission to help kids with ADHD.

Your support is invaluable to keep us going in the face of the many challenges early stage startups face as we work to bring our vision of a brighter world into reality- into a useable product that can help kids every day. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

It's as easy as clicking. YOU can help us win $1000 in the reSET Social Enterprise Challenge. Just click this link, navigate to the bottom of the page and click the circle for "Candice Hughes of AdapTac Games" and submit your vote. Easy as pie! If you want to see how we've been helping our community, kids with ADHD and supporting women in entrepreneurship and technology watch our video 3rd down from top on the left hand side.

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Today is our first day at #TheRefinery! Can't wait to learn surrounded by fantastic #womenentrepreneur #startup Keynote speaker: Jeanne M Sullivan of StarVest Partners and member of various angel investing groups. Many thanks to the ladies running The Refinery Janis Collins and Jen Gabler.
AdapTac Games' mission is to help kids with ADHD, pure and simple. We strive hard to make doing social good as crucial to the lifeblood of the company as making profits that allow us to keep going and doing more good. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts as a finalist in the reSET Social Enterprise Challenge.

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AdapTac Games is thrilled to be chosen for mentoring by The Refinery startup accelerator. In keeping with our mission and focus, The Refinery assists women-led startups to take their early stage companies to the next level of growth. They have an additional focus on building firms in Connecticut, the home state for AdapTac. http://www.refineryct.com/

AdapTac's CEO, Dr. Candice M. Hughes, was recognized by the Connecticut Technology Council last night as one of six state finalists for Entrepreneur, Women of Innovation. The award is sponsored by leading science and technology firms including Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Covidien, United Technologies, GE and more.

In an interview that evening, when asked what advice Dr. Hughes would give to other women aspiring to be innovators in science and technology, she said, "Persistence is the most important thing. Don't ever give up."

Dr. Hughes stressed that the whole team behind AdapTac is critical for the company's success in achieving its mission of helping kids through educational games for behavioral health.

Excited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Woman of Innovation with our own Woman of Innovation. Congratulations Dr. Hughes for being chosen as 2014 Women of Innovation celebrated by the Connecticut Technology Council http://www.ct.org/woi-2014-finalists

The program recognizes women across Connecticut – those in the workforce and students – who are innovators, role models and leaders in the fields of science, technology engineering and math. “These Connecticut women are extraordinary and outstanding contributors to their professions, to their employers, and in many cases to their communities” said Beth Alquist, planning committee chair for the Women of Innovation® awards program.

This year’s list of 59 women includes researchers, educators, engineers, managers, and entrepreneurs who work in biotech, pharmaceuticals, software, computer hardware, advanced materials, medical devices, and Information technology.