With 12 days left in our campaign, our pledges total $4,792! Great support for our educational game designed by neuroscientist Dr. Hughes in consultation with behavioral analyst Dr. Baffa. All pledgers have the choice of pre-purchasing the game ($20), or choosing other perks ranging from original artwork to unique iPhone covers decorated with game character art.

Not only will you receive a copy of the game (or other perks), but you will join our community of people who believe kids with ADHD need more than existing options. A full tool-kit is better than a limited tool-kit for complex conditions such as ADHD. Customized approaches of multiple tools and multiple types of tools can be the best way to fight back.


Did you know Beta Testers will be the first to receive and play our educational mobile game to improve attention and planning skills? Beta Testers will receive the game at least a month before any other user. They will have an option of participating in our effectiveness testing project funded by a state grant (Entrepreneur Innovation Award) and the ability to shape our game through their feedback. Plus they will receive the final game when it is released. Our game is a one time purchase and by donating can be obtained for as little as $20 (Don- game and recognition only perk).

The Beta Tester perk is limited to only 50 people and some places are already taken. So if you want this perk, donate today at http://igg.me/at/adaptacgames.

Our community campaign to help us complete the final portion of our educational game to give kids with ADHD a low cost option to improve attention and planning skills continues through April 4 noon EST. We've raised $2045.

This unique game allows kids to see their scores for attention and strategy after each play of the game plus see average scores to watch change in score over time.

Donating at least $20 allows you to pre-purchase the mobile educational game. We can't guarantee we will offer this game at any future time after April 4 so if you want to try a new option, buy now. Share & Click to Get Game: http://igg.me/at/adaptacgames

Mom to Mom: AdapTac's game is featured today in CTNow's Mommy Minute, which highlights how we are helping kids with ADHD improve attention and planning through our educational game.

CTNow belongs to Tribune newspaper, which includes affiliates FoxNewsCT, The Hartford Courant, The Hartford and New Haven Advocates, and the Fairfield Weekly. To read our story click here: http://bit.ly/MTF9vA

Your Donation Goes Farther This Week: International Women's Day

In honor of International Women's Day ON FRIDAY MARCH 8 Indiegogo will donate $1 for each $25 donated to our campaign. We are showcased all week through March 8. Only 3% of tech firms are led by women CEOs. AdapTac is one of these few. Help us break barriers. We can.

Sunny and brisk at 18F here in Connecticut today. We have reached $1280 in Indiegogo campaign donations! We are deeply grateful for the support we have received so far. This will be tough campaign to reach our ambitious goal of $45,000. But I believe in supporting American game programmers and artists and I believe they should be paid a decent wage for their work. We have a really wonderful team (see our "Who We Are" page). Take a look- they have deep game experience working on over 50 online/mobile games, creating games for XBox and Playstation, including working on Red Dead Redemption. These guys deserve their salaries and I am going to work as hard as I can to make sure they receive it. I hope you will help me do this by supporting our campaign at http://igg.me/at/adaptacgames.
Hello Funday! To start off the week, we have a new game. The prize will be a 1 page curated list that I will create of articles about educational games and games and learning. If we raise $1,000 in new donations today, all supporters for today will receive this list curated by me in addition the perks they request (perks include a copy of our game, behind the scenes video of creating the game, naming a character and more). How to win- donate any amount you want and share game with your friends. If we reach today's goal, you'll win. To play visit http://igg.me/at/adaptacgames
Very exciting to see people picking up great perks like being a beta tester while helping fund completion of our game to help kids with ADHD. Wonder if anyone will want to name a character? Where else can you get an iPhone case with our Speed Demon Rockie?

Here's our video so you can learn more about what we do and why we're doing it. http://youtu.be/LamVdoVwNpw

Starting tomorrow, we'll begin our first campaign game. Learn more here or on our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/adaptacgames)

In our community we believe in fun and games. Why not play? Click here to get perks now!

Due to technical difficulties our Indiegogo campaign launch is delayed by a couple of hours. We plan to go soon. We will post here as soon as we go live. Thank you for your patience.