You can learn from our experts on our Own Proud Community, which is free to all of our app buyers. This week we welcome, Cynthia Steele-Pucci, a certified counselor who helps kids with ADHD and autism.

She offers tips for parents this week on how to handle angry outbursts from their teens with ADHD. We've all been there when your teen is out with friends, you can't reach them and you start to worry. By the time they walk through the door, you are already fuming, your teen is tired and annoyed by your reaction. They see themselves as adults who don't need to be accountable for every minute. The scene is set for a shouting match. But that just escalates into yelling, slamming doors and hurt feelings. So what can you do? Join Own Proud to learn more.

When you purchase one of our ADHD Skills Booster apps in the iTunes App Store (under educational apps- Tween or Teen versions), you will find the Own Proud button on the right hand side of the app home page. Click this button to review your access code any time you need help recalling the code. Own Proud is there is support you and your family for as long as you need help. We don't just sell you an app and walk away. We are there with you hand-in-hand. We know what you're going through. Like you, we are also ADHD parents. You can get help so you can Own Proud.

Congratulations to our Back to School ADHD kit Winner R. Gray Eggert!

My Back to School message is for every mom of an ADHD child: 

I hope you find our curated collection of ADHD books and planner as useful as we have found these tools. 

I know when you send your child off to school, ADHD adds an extra layer of stress. Preparing for the transition with advice from nationally known experts like those in our book collection can help take the edge off and lower stress levels.
Doing some yoga breathing helps too! When you start to feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath, hold for three seconds then slowly exhale all the air held in your lungs. Repeat this two more times. You will feel more centered, focused and ready to take on the challenge of a new school year.

You've seen our intriguing tab for Own Proud on our site and you're wondering- what's behind the curtain? How can I get in?

Let me give you a little peek- Own Proud offers expert advice for example from our guest nutritionist, quick kid-friendly recipes, support and more. All this because we firmly believe supporting a kid with ADHD takes a village. For a single family, it's tough. I know. I live what you live through. No one should face ADHD alone. So I gather everything I wish I knew as a parent right from the get-go. I'm putting everything in one place for easy access. I'm putting it in quick sound bites for moms racing to beat the clock.

So now that you know Own Proud is one-stop for everything you want to know to make your life easier and it's totally FREE- How do you get access?

That's easy- just mosey over to the iTunes app store and purchase one of our apps. Every single person who buys one of our apps gets access to Own Proud for no extra cost. All those hours we put into developing content you can put to use right away is just part of the way we support you. No selling an app and walking away. Each family is part of our community. Just because that's who we are at AdapTac. We know how hard your life is and we're right there with you, hand-in-hand.

Often just getting out of the house on time for school seems like enough of a challenge. Yet as parents of kids with ADHD, this can be just one of many challenges we and our children face. Does your son or daughter struggle to make friends? Or advocate with teachers? Read Dr. Hughes' tips and advice grounded in clinical research and personal experience on her recent post on the Shared Abilities website.

Shared Abilities was founded by the mother of a special needs child to help families Share information and celebrate what their children are Able to do. Dr. Hughes is a guest blogger focusing on research and health-related topics.

You have told us we are your number one choice of social enterprise. We are truly honored to have received this award because you are telling us how much you believe in AdapTac and in our mission to help kids with ADHD.

Your support is invaluable to keep us going in the face of the many challenges early stage startups face as we work to bring our vision of a brighter world into reality- into a useable product that can help kids every day. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Guess I looked like I was having so much fun at the UConn women entrepreneurs conference this year that I made the cover of the Fairfield County Business Journal! Having the chance to learn from all the great mentors as well as offer advice to other women entrepreneurs I met was fun and exciting!

Missed the CT Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs conference at UConn? Read all about how CT Innovations is supporting and growing startups in Connecticut in this Fairfield County Business Journal article. Meet interesting women entrepreneurs. One the highlighted women entrepreneurs is our very own Dr. Hughes. http://westfaironline.com/65910/uconn-stamford-conference-targets-women-entrepreneurs/

Today is our first day at #TheRefinery! Can't wait to learn surrounded by fantastic #womenentrepreneur #startup Keynote speaker: Jeanne M Sullivan of StarVest Partners and member of various angel investing groups. Many thanks to the ladies running The Refinery Janis Collins and Jen Gabler.
AdapTac Games is thrilled to be chosen for mentoring by The Refinery startup accelerator. In keeping with our mission and focus, The Refinery assists women-led startups to take their early stage companies to the next level of growth. They have an additional focus on building firms in Connecticut, the home state for AdapTac. http://www.refineryct.com/