AdapTac Games' mission is to help kids with ADHD, pure and simple. We strive hard to make doing social good as crucial to the lifeblood of the company as making profits that allow us to keep going and doing more good. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts as a finalist in the reSET Social Enterprise Challenge.

If you want to be the first to use our iPad mobile app for kids with ADHD, click here to Sign Up.


We're now accepting kids 10 years and older for our test of our educational tool to improve attention and planning. All game testers receive a free copy of our iPad educational game plus input from us, the tool creators, on how best to use it.

Sign up is first come, first serve with limited space.

We are thrilled to have hundreds of families inquiring about signing up for the game test, which starts next month. Be sure to complete our sign up form including your e-mail address used to provide access to the game (on the home page- click green Sign Up button).

Make sure you don't miss out on your chance to improve your child's attention and planning skills for free! Sign up today.

The exciting part is that interest in getting hold of a free copy of our game is strong. More people want the free game than we have spaces. We are excited about helping out so many of you who want to improve your teen's attention and planning skills.

To get your free game, you need to submit your sign up form today. (Because Apple limits the number of testers we can have, we can't give you all free games even though we'd love to!) We also want to do the right thing and protect you and your child's privacy. So we only include your teen in the test (with free game) once you've given us permission.

It's easy! You have 3 options to submit your form (form is 10 yes/no questions):
1) Fill out the interactive form (on home page) and e-mail it to us. contactus at adaptacgames.com OR
2) Print the interactive form, fill out, scan and e-mail to us.
3) Print the interactive form
, fill out, and mail to our PO Box via US Post (address on form)

PS: If you like being the first to try new technology, you've come to the right place. No one else has our game. You can't buy it anywhere right now. Nor is there any similar game available. When we do make the game available some months from now, it will not be free.