Games and Learning, a webzine, about educational games, published a feature article about how Dr Hughes, CEO of AdapTac, is fighting against all odds to bring a new solution to ADHD families who are either not finding existing solutions to be enough for their kids or who are dissatisfied with traditional offerings. 

Dr. Hughes commented, "As a small startup we know there are much bigger companies who bombard ADHD families with ads and marketing messages. Large corporations don't generally welcome new solutions, even ones that can be combined with their own offerings, and, by driving up costs of communications, they can certainly make it very difficult for underdog stories like ours to reach families. We are thankful that people have the chance to learn how we are helping and supporting families."

To read the whole article about AdapTac's story and new ADHD Skills Booster app available on the iTunes App Store, click the link: 

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What's the first step in starting a company? What are the pitfalls? Listen to Dr. Hughes talk about her experience and advice in starting up an award-winning health tech company as she talks with Marie Grace Berg at Today's Leading Women. Specific and actionable information for entrepreneurs.

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Mom to Mom: AdapTac's game is featured today in CTNow's Mommy Minute, which highlights how we are helping kids with ADHD improve attention and planning through our educational game.

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