Considering launching a new business or already launched one? Dr Hughes shares advice from AdapTac's journey in Forbes. Special tips for women entrepreneurs.

AdapTac continues to support and encourage women and girls on their path in science and technology fields.

Many thanks to The Refinery for accelerating our startup.

Guess I looked like I was having so much fun at the UConn women entrepreneurs conference this year that I made the cover of the Fairfield County Business Journal! Having the chance to learn from all the great mentors as well as offer advice to other women entrepreneurs I met was fun and exciting!

Missed the CT Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs conference at UConn? Read all about how CT Innovations is supporting and growing startups in Connecticut in this Fairfield County Business Journal article. Meet interesting women entrepreneurs. One the highlighted women entrepreneurs is our very own Dr. Hughes. http://westfaironline.com/65910/uconn-stamford-conference-targets-women-entrepreneurs/

AdapTac Games is thrilled to be chosen for mentoring by The Refinery startup accelerator. In keeping with our mission and focus, The Refinery assists women-led startups to take their early stage companies to the next level of growth. They have an additional focus on building firms in Connecticut, the home state for AdapTac. http://www.refineryct.com/

The exciting part is that interest in getting hold of a free copy of our game is strong. More people want the free game than we have spaces. We are excited about helping out so many of you who want to improve your teen's attention and planning skills.

To get your free game, you need to submit your sign up form today. (Because Apple limits the number of testers we can have, we can't give you all free games even though we'd love to!) We also want to do the right thing and protect you and your child's privacy. So we only include your teen in the test (with free game) once you've given us permission.

It's easy! You have 3 options to submit your form (form is 10 yes/no questions):
1) Fill out the interactive form (on home page) and e-mail it to us. contactus at adaptacgames.com OR
2) Print the interactive form, fill out, scan and e-mail to us.
3) Print the interactive form
, fill out, and mail to our PO Box via US Post (address on form)

PS: If you like being the first to try new technology, you've come to the right place. No one else has our game. You can't buy it anywhere right now. Nor is there any similar game available. When we do make the game available some months from now, it will not be free.

Join our community and get your perks February 28. Check here or our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/adaptacgames) for the link. Spread the word. It's going to be awesome! Get stoked!