Considering launching a new business or already launched one? Dr Hughes shares advice from AdapTac's journey in Forbes. Special tips for women entrepreneurs.

AdapTac continues to support and encourage women and girls on their path in science and technology fields.

Many thanks to The Refinery for accelerating our startup.

AdapTac Games will have a new team member this spring when a local Darien High School student spends a month learning how a scrappy Indie game startup works. Working out of the StamfordiCenter state-supported accelerator, our intern will have access to numerous local startups plus Tech Meetups and other educational programming and networking.

One frequent complaint companies make of newly graduated students is that they lack work experience. Darien High School's internship program in conjunction with the support of local businesses helps give students this critical experience. If America wants to grow science and tech business and expertise, it's critical that both business and educational institutions support this mission.

AdapTac Games is pleased to do our part in support of growing American STEM expertise and supporting our local community.