We just can't sit still here. We're so excited about completing a major chunk of our first game. To better communicate with our supporters, we've been hard at work fine-tuning every communication channel so we can reach you all at your favorite places. Hope you enjoy our all new website (yes, the third revamp in a few months and we think the best).

You can also reach us on Facebook (click link at top of the page) and find me on Twitter (candicemhughes).

Come back soon as we're about to announce our new supporter community that will enable us to do even more to help teens with ADHD.



robert p hughes
02/13/2014 11:03am

AdapTac is all the rage.
So take it from this humble sage.
There's hope for all those who strive
and devote their time and limitless drive
to achieve a product which benefits all
and answers society's heartfelt calls.

(always time for a rhyme...bard)

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