The old adage "practice makes perfect" remains true. For a fun and fascinating discussion on why this is true, Dr. Hughes recommends Malcolm Gladwell's book, "Outliers". Gladwell indicates that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at any skill.

Attention and planning are skills just like any other skill we need to learn like playing the piano or pitching a baseball. Some of us may have a natural talent or stronger base level of skill or aptitude for learning a skill than others. No matter what your child's starting level or aptitude, if he or she wants to improve that skill, they need to practice it. The more the better.

Our educational apps are designed to make this practice fun and engaging. Instead of dreading practicing planning by writing up To Do Lists for every aspect of daily life, our game apps allow learners to practice attention and planning skills through game-play.

Because learners need to repeatedly practice these skills to get better at them, playing a game once in a lifetime or even once a month, is not enough to build up skills above baseline. By making game play a regular habit each day,or at minimum several times a week, skills strengthen.

You might even feel more relaxed as our wacky characters put a smile on your child's face!


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