Considering launching a new business or already launched one? Dr Hughes shares advice from AdapTac's journey in Forbes. Special tips for women entrepreneurs.

AdapTac continues to support and encourage women and girls on their path in science and technology fields.

Many thanks to The Refinery for accelerating our startup.

You have told us we are your number one choice of social enterprise. We are truly honored to have received this award because you are telling us how much you believe in AdapTac and in our mission to help kids with ADHD.

Your support is invaluable to keep us going in the face of the many challenges early stage startups face as we work to bring our vision of a brighter world into reality- into a useable product that can help kids every day. We thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

Guess I looked like I was having so much fun at the UConn women entrepreneurs conference this year that I made the cover of the Fairfield County Business Journal! Having the chance to learn from all the great mentors as well as offer advice to other women entrepreneurs I met was fun and exciting!

In September, AdapTac Games' CEO, Dr. Hughes, presented at the CrossRoads Venture Group Social Media and Mobile Tech Conference. Take a look at their recently posted recap: http://www.cvg.org/2014/09/17/social-media-mobile-technology-event-recap/

For more videos of AdapTac Games, visit Dr. Hughes' YouTube channel under the name "Candice Hughes": https://www.youtube.com/user/newenglandauthor
Missed the CT Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs conference at UConn? Read all about how CT Innovations is supporting and growing startups in Connecticut in this Fairfield County Business Journal article. Meet interesting women entrepreneurs. One the highlighted women entrepreneurs is our very own Dr. Hughes. http://westfaironline.com/65910/uconn-stamford-conference-targets-women-entrepreneurs/

It's as easy as clicking. YOU can help us win $1000 in the reSET Social Enterprise Challenge. Just click this link, navigate to the bottom of the page and click the circle for "Candice Hughes of AdapTac Games" and submit your vote. Easy as pie! If you want to see how we've been helping our community, kids with ADHD and supporting women in entrepreneurship and technology watch our video 3rd down from top on the left hand side.

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Today is our first day at #TheRefinery! Can't wait to learn surrounded by fantastic #womenentrepreneur #startup Keynote speaker: Jeanne M Sullivan of StarVest Partners and member of various angel investing groups. Many thanks to the ladies running The Refinery Janis Collins and Jen Gabler.
AdapTac Games' mission is to help kids with ADHD, pure and simple. We strive hard to make doing social good as crucial to the lifeblood of the company as making profits that allow us to keep going and doing more good. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts as a finalist in the reSET Social Enterprise Challenge.

If you want to be the first to use our iPad mobile app for kids with ADHD, click here to Sign Up.


What's the first step in starting a company? What are the pitfalls? Listen to Dr. Hughes talk about her experience and advice in starting up an award-winning health tech company as she talks with Marie Grace Berg at Today's Leading Women. Specific and actionable information for entrepreneurs.

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